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It’s Here: Carol’s New Weight Loss Book

Putting_Your_Weight__Cover_for_KindleIf you want to get off the “diet merry-go-round”, then you don’t want to miss this! Carol L Rickard, LCSW, a nationally recognized stress and wellness expert, has written what is sure to be a New York Times bestseller: Auto Weight Loss: 7 Lessons Your Car Can Teach You About Losing Weight!. It’s not that she really gives us any new information; rather it’s how she takes what most of us already know and gets us to look at it in a new way.

Having spent 20 years working with hospital based programs where people’s memory & concentration can be fairly impaired, Ms. Rickard developed a wellness curriculum she refers to as “SmarTheory”. This approach uses images, pictures and analogies to tap in to the right side of our brain that is responsible for helping us see the BIG PICTURE. It is the right side of our brain that synthesizes the information and knowledge the left side of our brain knows. “It’s taking knowledge and putting it in to action!”, she states.

An example of this comes from an excerpt of Auto Weight Loss:

Lesson # 1- Don’t Put More GAS In The Tank Than It Can Hold! This law makes sense, doesn’t it?!  After all, when was the last time you over-filled the gas tank in your car? I’ll bet NEVER! When was the last time you over-filled the gas tank in your body? Yesterday?! Just like our cars, our bodies can only hold so much fuel! Unlike our cars, our bodies will just KEEP MAKING SPARE TANKS to store the extra fuel we’re putting in!”

If you are curious to know what the other 6 lessons are, you can find it on Amazon or just click on the “WELL YOU Bookstore” link above!. You won’t be disappointed!

If you are interested in learning more about “SmarTheory”, you can contact Carol  at Well University, LLC by phone (609) 462-7643 or  by email at carol@wellyouniversity.com.

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  1. Solvita

    Love the lesson #1 Don’t Put More GAS In The Tank Than It Can Hold! 🙂 It sounds interesting.

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