Stop Using Food to Cope

For the past 20 years, Carol has been helping individuals learn the “secret weapons” needed to manage life instead of having life manage them. Most of this work has been with patients in hospital care settings. A few years back the hospital community education department asked her to put together a workshop about food for their women’s health program. Carol developed “STOP Using Food to Cope!” The response was amazing:

“Wow! I was blown away by how many women showed up! Attendance went up 400%. In fact, we ended up with standing room only! It was at that moment when I realized there were many women who needed and wanted to learn the same things I had been teaching my patients.”

Since then, Carol has been doing live workshops around the state. Response has been incredible, however she soon realized that women outside of her geographic area are also interested in her work. One of her coaching clients suggested she start doing webinars. That way her sister out in Nevada could also have the chance to learn how to “STOP Using Food to Cope!”

Now, Carol offers free webinars that anyone can attend. Click here for her webinar schedule.

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