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2.16 – The Wellness Blueprint – Click here


3.16 – Say Goodbye to STRESS! – Click here


4.16 – What to Do With Anger Click here


5.16 – What to Do With Anger: The Next Step – Click here


6.16  The “Tools” to Manage Anger! Click here


7.16 – Summary of Surviving Holiday Stress! Click here



1.17 What’s Your Communication Style?Click here


2.17 – 6 Secrets to Better Communication! Click Here


3.17 – Ways to Say “NO” – Click Here


4.17 – A Better Night’s Sleep – Click Here


5.17 – How to Make Your Dreams Come True Click Here


6.17 – Yes, No, Maybe So!!! Click Here


7.17 – Who Pushes your Buttons? – Click Here


8.17 – How to Deal With Difficult People – Click Here


9.17 – Money Matters! – Click Here


13.17 – HELP: How To Help Those Who DON’T Want It! – Click Here





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